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With twisted trunk up to 6m long it has a thick, rough bark that emerges into longitudinal strips. Its small branches are flexible and very thickened at the nodes ; alternating leaves on them (up to 14 by 12 cm), the deciduous stipules have the suborbicularis limbo, palmatilobado or subentero , irregularly dentate, obtuse, acute or slightly acuminate, cordate , glabrous , pubescent -aracnoideo or tomentoso- arachnoid ; are usually called pámpanas . The tendrils, bifurcated , are opposite the leaves and curl and harden as are support. The flowers are hermaphrodite or unisexual, gathered in panicles side opposite the leaves. The sepals are welded and inconspicuous, sometimes reducicos a ring. The petals are greenish, coalescing at the top, and early obsolete. The stamens are erect at first, then reflections. The ovary is shaped ovoid to grounded, with only 1 stigma. The fruit is a round or oblongoidea berry, with 2-4 seeds ovoid to pyriform elliptical chalaza, 2 longitudinal grooves separated by a sharp ridge, rounded apex, and trilobulado endosperm.

We can offer large quantity and variety of this so ingrained into our land plant.

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